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Runing a virus scan periodically can help you keep you data safe and free from viruses and malware? Ask us how!

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If you need to provide your employees with training on Microsoft 2007 or effective computer navigation and responsible online navigation, contact us!

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About UsMiguel

Onsite Computer Services is a subsidiary of MSL Enterprises, Inc. an Enterprise Onsite Services Company. Founded in 2003 MSL has been providing IT services to commercial and residential customers throughout south Texas.

MSL has major contracts with reputable corporations that provide end user services throughout the United States.

We understand that service matters and therefore we strive to provide the best customer service possible.


Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission is to provide you with experienced computer technology support and great customer service so that you or your organization may incrase productivity and achieve a higher return on investment. You are our priority and we work day and night to provide you with reliable service and solutions you can trust.


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